Apr 1 2015 | Press Release

Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon growth in the Indian Pulp & Paper Industry

Government of India has made a voluntary commitment to reduce its emissions by 20% by 2020. Indian industry is Greenhouse Gas emissions intensive, contributing about 31% of total national GHG emissions. Many Indian industries have already initiated several efforts to support this target. The Indian cement industry, for instance has developed a roadmap with specific strategies to facilitate achieving voluntary long term targets of 50% reduction in sector’s emissions intensity by 2050.

While some Indian pulp & paper mills have started inventorising & managing their GHG emissions, the industry at large needs to take considerable efforts to demonstrate its commitment to the national objective. There is a need for the sector as a whole to demonstrate its environmental commitment towards GHG management.

CII- Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre with the support of all stakeholders is facilitating energy & environmental performance improvement in Indian pulp & paper industry. These initiatives have been very well received by the Indian paper sector. In continuation of these efforts, CII Godrej GBC, with part support from UNIDO, is initiating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventorisation and management in the Indian pulp and paper industry.

The main objectives of this initiative are
1. Awareness & capacity building workshops for pulp & paper industry As part of this, CII-Godrej GBC is organizing three regional one-day workshops on “Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon growth in the Indian Pulp & Paper Industry” at following locations:
a. 7th April 2015 at Vapi, Gujarat
b. 10th April 2015 at Hyderabad, Telangana
c. 17th April 2015 at Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh
Kindly nominate suitable representatives from your organizations for this workshop by sending the filled-in registration form attached. For further information on workshops, you may get in touch with Ms Chada Rajni (CII – Godrej GBC) at 040-44185220 or chada.rajni@cii.in
2. Facilitating GHG inventorisation and management in the Indian Pulp & Paper industry CII- Godrej GBC will carry out 6 pilot GHG inventorisation studies; at 2 integrated, 2 agro based and 2 recycled paper plants in India. This would be the first step in facilitating the entire industry to take action toward a low carbon growth in the Indian pulp and paper industry. While a major share of cost of these studies will be covered by UNIDO, some travel & incidental expenditure will be borne by the pilot plants.
If you are interested in availing CII-Godrej GBC’s services in carrying out a pilot GHG inventorisation study at your plant as a part of this initiative, we request you to contact Ms Chada Rajni at 040-44185220 or chada.rajni@cii.in.
Based on the findings of the pilot facilities and interest among the industry fraternity, CII – Godrej GBC will also be glad to work with all stakeholders in developing a low carbon roadmap for Indian pulp & paper sector indicating current emissions profile, anticipated increase in emissions in years ahead, identifying specific GHG mitigation strategies to minimize the growth of emissions and set voluntary targets for the Indian paper industry to pursue. This roadmap can be an excellent guiding document for low carbon growth of the Indian pulp and paper sector as well as demonstrating this industry’s commitment to ecologically sustainable development to all our stakeholders.

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