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TOLEXO.com | The Rising Star

Tolexo is the recent entrant into the e-commerce b2b segment in India. Tolexo is from the IndiaMart group lead by the most enterprising, energetic and promising talent – Brijesh Agrawal. He is the one who had set up IndiaMart.com portal nineteen years back and provided a platform for both buyers and sellers to interact through the portal. As the e-commerce business in India is entering critical phase. Brijesh could identify the unexplored potential of e-commerce in the B2B space quite early. Tolexo is the end result of his thought and has started making waves in the online world of business goods and services segment. No one would have ever thought of selling a drill machine, testing and measuring instrument online like any other consumer and durable products. Tolexo is offering more than 500,000 products online mainly from the industrial category comprising products such as safety shoes, electric drills, heat guns & air blowers, CCTV cameras, automotive testing tools, concrete testing, domestic tool kit, access control system, detectors and sensors, helmets, work wear, gas detection system, hammers, clamps, benders, power tools, car and bike accessories and so many products.

According to Brijesh, the user feedback at Tolexo.com is quite encouraging. The first and foremost advantage to the customer is in terms of the cost. As the product is directly offered by the manufacturer to the customer through Tolexo, the margins are quite less compared to the goods purchased from the physical outlet. The second advantage is the availability of the product. Now the customers don’t have to hunt from shop to shop to find goods required. The customer has to simply login to Tolexo, identify the product, check the availability, place the order and wait for the consignment to be delivered through the effective supply chain of Tolexo. The commitment of Tolexo is another factor responsible for good customer experience. In case the product seems to be out of stock or the vendor is not position to supply in time, the backend team at Tolexo.com does the entire hunting job and ensures that within 24 hours the product is traced and queued up for delivery to the customer. In the process at the cost of customer satisfaction, Tolexo is willing to sacrifice its margin but wants to ensure a pleasant buying experience for the customer at large.

Brijesh Agrawal is quite optimistic of the portal deliverables twelve months down the line. He expects Tolexo.com to have more than 5 million products online for sale and enable 25,000 transactions a day. Tolexo strength lies in its huge database accumulated by parent company - Indiamart over the last two decades, e-commerce business experience of its core back end team and its effective supply chain management process and people.

Tolexo.com was launched in August 2014 with the aim to enable B2B buying / selling activities. Within such a short time, more than 1200 brands are listed on the portal and buyers from 900+ cities in India are transacting online at Tolexo. The products listed on Tolexo are handpicked by an expert backend team who conducts due diligence with regard to the reputation of the manufacturer. Only those manufacturers who are able to fulfill the required quality parameters of Tolexo are invited to showcase their products online. The online customer can have plethora of product options to compare with and decide on the best buy. The portal in no way tries to influence the buyer’s decision, but aims to provide all the requisite information for the customer to choose the best product. The portal has partnered with Delhivery, Bluedart, Fedex and other important logistic providers to delivery ordered products in time. For Tolexo ensuring quality product and delivering in time is the essence of its business philosophy.

Brijesh highlights the larger potential of B2B e-commerce segment vis-à-vis the B2C segment in terms of revenue generation. Most of the B2B transactions are happening offline as of now. Based on certain industry reference and studies, he sees a potential of $300 billion in the B2B E-commerce space in India which is likely to touch $700 billion by 2020. The B2B e-commerce segment is not yet explored and Tolexo is the rising star in this promising category.

• Author: Sandeep Sharma
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