Jan 1 2016 | India Opportunities

Power transmission projects

During the April-November, 2015, around 20,534 circuit kilometers (ckm) of transmission lines have been commissioned against 14,685 ckm commissioned during the same period in the previous year,  thus having a growth of 39.8%. This is 86.6% of the annual target of 23,712 ckm fixed for 2015-16. Similarly, the overall increase in the transformation capacity has been 33,181 MVA during April-November, 2015  constitutes 65.7% of the target of 50,542 fixed for 2014-15.The major Inter-State Transmission System (ISTS) commissioned during April-November, 2015 includes the

800 KV HVDC Biswanath Chariyali-Agra Bi-pole line, which would facilitate power flow between North East and Northern / Western Region.

765 KV D/C Dharamjaygarh - Jabalpur line was commissioned recently. This would help in evacuating power
from generation projects in Odisha, which would further connect to National Grid.

The commissioning of 400 KV D/C Barh – Gorakhpur (Quad) line will act as an immediate evacuation system with Barh Thermal Power Station.

The commissioning of 765KV D/C Narendra (New Kudgi) - Kolhapur line (initially charged at 400 KV) will strengthen the transmission system in Southern Region and improve the power supply in the region.

765KV D/C Aurangabad - Solapur line will facilitate power flow between Western Region and Northern Region.

400KV D/C Vijayawada - Nellore line would strengthen the transmission system in Southern Region.

400KV D/C Silchar - Purba Kanchan Bari line (charged at 132KV) in North Eastern Region is helping evacuation
of power from Palatana  Gas Based Power Project and Bongaigaon Thermal Power Station (BTPS).