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ReachStackers and Container Handlers are showing a growth pattern

"While it is true that overall growth rate of the economy is showing a declining trend, ReachStackers and Container Handlers are showing a growth pattern. India along with China are big markets for material handling equipment and in India there is an upswing in containerization which of course is reflective of Reach Stacker growth."

Somnath Bhattacharjee, President, TIL Ltd shares his views with Sandeep Sharma about his company, product range, features, Hyster range of big trucks, latest range of forklift trucks, customised solution, offered, competition and expected growth amidst global turmoil. Edited Excerpts...

Tell us about your company and offerings in the Material Handling Equipment (MHE) sphere?
TIL has been partnering India's infrastructure growth since 1944, with its extensive range of high technology material han­dling & port equipment, construction, mining, and power systems solutions of leading global brands-and offering sup­erior product support and customized solutions with the aim of enhancing customer experience. In the material handling equipment sphere, TIL provides a comprehensive portfolio comprising-Mobile Cranes (Industrial Cranes, Truck Mounted Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, All Terrain Cranes), Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes, Lorry Loaders, Big Forklift Trucks, Reach Stackers, Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes, and Tower Cranes. Over the years TIL has emerged as the foremost material handling and lifting equipment manufacturer and cutting-edge service provider with over 60 percent market share in Mobile Crane segment. Its equipment range is recognized as state-of-the-art and sets the industry standard for quality, durability and value.

From the buyer's perspective, how does TIL+ Hyster combine ensure productivity, savings and ROI?
TIL has forged a distribution partnership with Hyster, a global leader for the sale and support of Hyster range of Big Trucks, Container Handlers and ReachStackers across India. Also as a part of this agreement, from February 2011, the Hyster designed ReachStacker are being manufactured for the Indian market under license by TIL at their plant in Kam­arhatty in India.

TIL-Hyster partnership, brings together two leading companies with complementary strategic visions and capabilities with the aim to meet customers' material handling needs. TIL­ Hyster strives to deliver a complete package of products and solutions to help businesses improve efficiency and optimize costs.

The combined strength of TIL-Hyster partnership ensures availability of Hyster range of world class products that are tough, reliable and productive in the most demanding operations. Also Hyster's 'Intelligent Design' concept delivers enhanced performance with reduced fuel consumption, further reducing the total cost of operation. The technology superiority of the products coupled with TIL's superior product support capabilities, pan India network ensuring faster access to customers, on-site support to the equipment, providing full maintenance contracts including Pre purchase Consultancy, Equipment analysis, Equipment Re-build etc. make a big difference to users by optimizing the cost of operation and maximizing reliability and uptime.

Could you brief us about the unique features of Hyster's world class 'Big Truck' assembly line?
As one of the best known names in the industry, Hyster has focused on the design features to ensure operator comfort, higher productivity and reduced operation and maintenance cost. TIL distributes Hyster range of Big Trucks, which incl­udes high-capacity Forklift Trucks (8-48t) as well as Empty or Laden Container Handling Solutions, including the Hyster ReachStacker.

Hyster Big Trucks have been designed to handle the heaviest loads under the toughest working conditions. The Hyster range of dedicated Container Handlers and ReachStackers offer handling capacities up to 52 tonnes, with high reliability, exceptional performance with optimized cost of operation. The range of high capacity Forklift Trucks and dedicated Container Handlers represent market leading solutions for the handling of materials across a wide range of heavy industries, offering a great line up of products with a wide range of handling capacities. The machines are manufactured with Operator Safety and Machine Reliability in mind. There are various protection systems for major components like the Engine, Transmission, Hydraulics etc., which cut off the operation of the Forklift in the event of an abnormality.

How far Hyster TIL ReachStacker scores over competition considering high density container stacking requirement?
Hyster TlL ReachStackers are equipped with a modern clean-running diesel engine, standard oil-immersed brakes, robust drive-axle and advanced auto-shift transmission, ensuring maximum productivity and reliability during operation in demanding applications. The machines deliver outstanding flexibility for container handling applications. This machine has been designed to achieve maximum space utilization on container terminals due to the outstanding maneuverability, superior handling speeds and unrestricted stacking capabilities.

Some of the key features:

• Engine and transmission protection systems as well as oil-immersed brakes to ensure reliable operation.
• The Vista cab provides superior container visibility in varying operating conditions.
• Efficient hydraulic system with functions like 'Power in demand' and 'Two-speed Lift' delivers excellent lifting speedsmaximize fuel economy
• Increased capacity handling thanks to models available with stabilizers and increased wheelbase.
• Strong and sturdy frame and boom construction to carry out high capacity handling operation.

What are the latest product range in case of forklift trucks? Could you tell us about the finer points of H36-48XM(S)-12?

H36-48XM(S)-12: The model is ideal for applications where operating space is restricted. The Vista Cab offers excellent driver comfort, and visibility and tilts sideways for easy service access. Sturdy mast and frame construction is designed for the most demanding operating environments. Powerful, modern,clean-running Diesel engine with auto-shift transmission features engine and transmission protection systems as well as oil-immersed brakes. These range of For­ klifts are versatile where in we can offer various attachments for handling long steel plates, coils, pipes etc.

What kind of growth do you see amidst global turmoil and all time low sentiments prevailing in India?
While it is true that overall growth rate of the economy is showing a declining trend, but ReachStackers and Container Handlers are showing a growth pattern. India along with China are big markets for material handling equipment and in India there is an upswing in containerization which of course is reflective of ReachStacker growth. Despite the decline in traffic growth in major ports, traffic in non-major ports grew by 17% during 2011-12 and going by the trend the investment opportunities seem positive in Greenfield non major ports, in coming years. The ports along the east coast are predominantly bulk handling ports and the ones along the west coast are containerized. All these ports provide substantial opportunity for expansion and further investment in the port sector. Given the internal demand, and investment plans for various projects on containerization of port and volume of freight being handled etc, this sector has shown relatively better performance. The main bottleneck, however, remains the speed of imple­mentation of the projects.

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