Jul 1 2016 | India Opportunities

MORTH to invest Rs.74,794Crore on NH projects in U.P.

There are 60 National Highways with total length of 8483 Km in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Out of this 4529 Km are with NHAI and 3143 Km with State PWD. NOC is awaited for 10 Nos NHs with 811 Km. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH), through NHAI and State PWD, plans to invest approximately an amount of Rs 74,794 Crore in the State of Uttar Pradesh in the next two years. The status of National Highway projects in U.P. is given below:

  • 8 Major Projects having a length of 865 Km amounting to Rs. 6218 Cr were completed in the past 2 years.
  • 31 Major Projects are ongoing with a total length of 2156 Km with total TPC of Rs. 19,436 Cr.
  • 24 Major Projects were awarded during 2014-15 & 2015-16, with a total length of 1293 Km and total TPC of Rs. 16,949 Cr
  • 15 projects are likely to be awarded in the next 12 months with a length of 840 Km with TPC of Rs.6790 Cr.
  • 1400 Km of National Highways are under DPR and Civil construction work likely to be awarded in the next two years for approx cost of Rs 14,000 Cr.
  • Under CRF and ISC Schemes a total number of 79 Projects have been sanctioned amounting to Rs 3035 Cr during 2015-16 & 2016-17.
  • 10 Number of new National Highways in the Uttar Pradesh state have been declared with a length of 811 Km. (DPR invited by the Ministry)
  • 35 Nos of NHs with 2591 Km length have been approved ‘ in-principle ’, MORTH shall invest an amount of approximately Rs 25,910 Cr to develop these National Highways, subject to the outcome of DPR / receipt of NOC from the State Govt