Mar 24 2017 | India Opportunities

GOI finalises Automotive Mission Plan 2026

Automotive Mission Plan 2026 aims at boosting the growth of Indian Automotive Industry. The plan has been finalized jointly by the Government of India and Indian Automotive Industry. The objectives include: To propel the Indian Automotive industry to become the engine of the “Make in India” programme. To make the Indian Automotive Industry a significant contributor to the “Skill India” programme. Promote safe, efficient and comfortable mobility for every person in the country, with an eye on environmental protection and affordability through both public and personal transport options. To seek increase of net exports of the Indian Automotive industry several fold. Promote comprehensive and stable policy dispensation for all regulations impacting the industry. The plans aims to place Indian automotive Industry among the top three of the world in engineering, manufacture and exports of vehicles & components; growing in value to over 12% of India GDP and generating an additional 65 million jobs.

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