Dec 15 2013 | Analysis

Adding Strength

The construction and real estate sector in India has lot of potential. The growth of these sectors is significant in the last couple of years. With growing urbanization the demand for housing and infrastructure is on the rise. The industry trend points to the increase in awareness among the construction sector players about the benefits of
applying / using construction chemicals in new and existing structures both in pre-construction as well as post construction stage. The cost of construction chemicals is hardly two percent of the overall construction cost but the benefits are manifold. In many of the prestigious projects funded by multilateral funding agencies like Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank. The use of construction chemicals is mandatory as it adds strength to the structure. These chemicals modify and enhance the properties of concrete in fresh and hardened state. The benefits of using construction chemicals lies in protecting slabs and basements from water and humidity,
providing protection against corrosion, preventing fungi, molds and mildew, preserving concrete by neutralizing lime, eliminating or reducing cracking, hardening the concrete surfaces and reducing abrasion and dusting. The construction chemical sector is growing at a faster pace and caters to industrial, architectural and general construction, repair and rehabilitation industry. These chemicals impart special properties to concrete structures and can be classified as Admixtures, Flooring Compounds, Repair & Rehab and other products such as are Grouts, Adhesive, and Substrate support, Water Proofing Compounds etc.


BASF Chemicals is known for introducing latest generation concrete admixtures for self-compacting concrete, alkali free accelerators for sprayed concrete and polyurethane concrete floors for highest level of ruggedness and hygiene maintenance. Sika India is another important player in the construction chemical industry. The solutions offered ensures high quality and durability of complex infrastructure projects as well as all types of constructions.

Choksey Chemicals Pvt Ltd (CCPL) is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company, established in 1985 and is counted among the leading manufacturer of construction chemicals in India. The product portfolio comprises sealants, membranes, admixtures, anticorrosive coatings & water proofing chemicals to provide best solutions for construction industry. Pidilite Industries is the market leader in adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, hobby colours and polymer emulsions in India.

Thermax Chemical Division in technical collaboration with European market leader Tecnochem Italiana S.p.A offers “Sustainable Construction Solutions” with its extensive ange of products for the Indian subcontinent. Thermax caters to sectors like infrastructure, industrial, commercial and residential.


As per industry sources, Silicone based construction chemicals are finding more takers. Eco-friendly construction chemicals production and application is the emerging trend of the industry. In major cities of India, there are large number of building structures which are more than 30-40 years old. These structure requires either renovation or re-development. In case of renovation projects, the sector is bound to gain more.


Increase in the raw material cost coupled with constant shortage is adding woes to the industry growth. The cost is driven mainly by prices of crude, cement and sand. Standardisation of products/solutions is desirable. Shortage of skilled labour for application of construction chemicals is being felt on an ongoing basis. Industry associations, Top industry players and Government should join hands to set up institutions that can churn out trained/ skilled manpower to handle the application of construction chemicals. Industry is largely un-organised. The Indian market for Construction Chemicals is quite price sensitive. Customers demand quality products / solutions at a lower cost. Inferior products offered by the small and unorganized players is ruining the industry and needs to be controlled through standardisation.


As per report on Construction Chemicals released by FICCI and Tata Strategic Management Group in January 2013. The Indian construction chemicals market has historically grown at ~17% p.a. The market size has increased from Rs. 1,400 crore in 2007 to Rs. 3,100 crore in 2012. Concrete admixtures accounted for 42%, flooring and waterproofing chemicals had a share of 14% each. Other segments include sealants, grouts and adhesives which together account for ~18% of the total construction chemicals market in India. More than 80% of the business is generated through new construction projects. According to ‘India Construction Chemicals Market Forecast &
Opportunities, 2018’ report, the Indian construction chemicals market is expected to touch US$ 1.13 Bn by the end of 2018.


The Indian construction chemical industry spends about 3% of its sales on R&D of new products and applications. As per Global Construction Chemicals Market 2014-2018 report, increased focus on R&D has led to the emergence of new, highperformance construction chemicals products. But still uniform standardization of construction chemicals is desirable to achieve higher growth rates. The report opines that the global construction chemical market is likely to grow at 8.31 per cent CAGR during 2013-18.


The increase in consumption of construction chemicals in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East region can be attributed to rapid urbanization, quality conscious user, advanced construction technologies and standards, promulgation and adoption of stringent regulatory framework in some countries are the main drivers for the sectoral growth.


Spurt in construction and infrastructure activity is expected in 2014.This would boost growth of construction chemicals sector as it is directly related with growth of the construction sector. The industrial corridor project is likely to result in rise in construction and real estate activity on a gigantic scale in the coming years. This would offer window of opportunity for the industry players. Low market penetration scenario can be changed if the industry players makes attempt to increase awareness through promotion and advertisements. As per Mumbai based Construction Chemicals Manufacturers Association, the industry has the potential to become Rs.5,000 crore industry by 2014.

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