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Focus: Road Sector



Unedited views of the respondents are provided as under:

Pratik, Asst. Engg, Synergy Engineering & Enviromental Solutions
all dirty things are ignited from them.

Avdesh Malaiya, GM - EHS (Engineering), DB Group
All of above are the cause of this pethatic condition. However the root cause is in our systems and the persons executing it. Wrong thing in hands of wrong person will always lead to wrong results.
Hence, first, system is required to be improved to avoid gaps of by-passing it; then strong execution team with specific roles and responsibilities to be set-up; then monitoring of execution to be strict. This automatically will avoid other causes as mentioned above.

Himanshu Sangani, A.G.M, Hiranandani Group.          
All of the above reasons are responsible for making a life difficult for road commuters.

Alkesh Patel, Propritor, Ambica Boiler
All person and politician and road contractor, many government officer are corrupt, and some politician have partnership in contract, some politician get percentage or give the contract own relative.

Durlabh Goriya, Director, Excel Enterprise
all problem start at  corruption if we  can replace this spoiled  system all  problem  solve  them  salve

Muthu Selvam, Engineer
All the above factors contribute to bad roads; but not only the above. The Govt should bring in comprehensive legilations / specifications for making roads and implement them through strict third party controls. the specifications shall not be such that the contractors are harassed using them as weapon. The specifications shall impose conditions on the contractors regarding the welfare and safety of workers doing the road jobs under the contract during the period.

We can not say that if politicians and officials stop being corrupt will improve the situation- still the roads will be bad because contractors will try to make huge profit by making substandard roads; also contrctors shall be given sufficient rates so that he makes a profit after making good roads and continues in business. Otherwise we will have nobody doing this job and it must be understood that road making is a very hard job and not everybody will do this kind of job.

All the above factors  if considered and put in to practise will give us good roads

Abhijit, Manager, SMEW
All the chain work are link with each other to make self rich.

Nagarajan, Asst Manager, L & T Power
All the funds allocated for infrastructure development are not being served due to corrupt politicians.

Vignesh, Mechanical Engineer, JSE

An excellent Road infrastructure is the need of hour.

Dr.Anil Garg Tikare, G T Manager, Tata Motors
An gurentee should taken from contractor atteching all his property worth one and half times value of contract value for mininum seven years.

Thenappan A, Deputy Manager, Vgn Infra India Pvt Ltd.          
Any construction activity is a team work only. With out team nothing will be happened whether negative or positive there will be a team. So the entire team is the responsibility for any type of results. The team means contains of the above 3 persons and with their technology and using of materials only.

Thomas Kuriakose, GM (sales), A2Z Group of concerns
Any suggestions of improvement should be discussed threadbare. In fact, only 33% of the allotted fund is utilized and the rest going in corrupt pockets, starting from politician, pwd officials till the govt. peons. A proper and dignified intention to think the society as own home and this should come from the whole hierarchy. A permanent solution to the sewage, the right technology and a right approach to the cause will fetch desired results.

Ajay Goyal, Dean Consultancy, MM University
Apart from all above factors, Its the attitude towards maintaining/achieving quality that adds to the worries. We always tak about the world class quality but never ever thing what the world has achieved, we are nowhere as far as world standards and quality construction is all about. 

Jinto Gohain, Asst Manager,  Meghalaya Cements Ltd 
As funds are released by the government department under  particular Ministry who wants percentage of share in the fund , the same tendency is transferred to the bottom line department heads .if politician were honest enough to tighten the rules and regulation of the department it would not happen . As real picture is completely opposite, the contractors tr y to get their benefit by lowering their working and material standards. Thus common people have to bear the consequences.                            

Colin,  Proprietor, Mwc
As I have mentioned that allthe factors above are the cause of the bad roads that we travel daily.Just entering and exiting Toll Plazasas theycall them have the worst roads.afterpaying so manytaxesand that are highest in the country we still have to tollerateall this. Hope an effort would be made to atleast minmise this problem.Hoping with anticipation.                         
Srinath, Consultant, Own
As long as this percentage age comes to end , which does not seem to, India continues to be developing for an infinite time                                   

Sushil Gambhir, Prakash Industrial Corporation
As per my view, corrupt politicians are to be blamed for the pathetic condition of Roads like Delhi, which is capital of India                                   

Santosh, Co-Ordinator, Mahavir Roads and Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd.
as we all know that there is friendly between municipal corporation(leaders) and contractor which results in corruption and as no contractor will construct road from his money he uses substandard material.                          
Aniruddha, Engineer, India
As we know all tat not a single politician is faithful towards his duties, all are corrupt now. Its because of them these potholes are creating                    

S P LAL, HOD, Civil Utility Powertech Limited
As we know, our country is developing country and other side contractors use substandard material due to major corruption in society.
Now the time has come to convert the present road into concrete road in the metro cities because of thickly population and much intencity of moter vehicles.                                    

Major Shashitiwari, Vice president
confidential basically it is the leadership..which is corrupt..this causing prblem to nation. Rs 40 per liter is going as taxes...the heavy vehicles pay rs 2 per KM as taxes ..still pathetic...                                   

Harsh Goel, Engineer, Doosan
Because they eat money and use material of low quality.                        

Madan Mohan N, Sr Mgr (Materials), Ncc Ltd
Before blaming any individual/organisation, we should know the fact that the technology being used for reparing/making roads is not acceptable. first of all we should make it happen that rain water does not stand on road & it should flow to drains. I have seen the roads built at Rourkela Steel Township roads built by Germans. In spite of heavy downpour, water takes its way to drains and repairs are also minimum.                             

Sudhakar Bingi, Sr. Asst Manager, Scpl
Bribe system in all govt. dept, politics and road contractors are expecting more profits, also most of our contractors taking more work orders for that  they don’t have capacity to do own execution, so they are giving work to sub-contractors whom don’t have capacity to use technology due to their financial condition, also both are expecting profits on one work. Before awarding works to contractor’s govt. has to take proper steps on contractor’s capacity and strictly avoid sub-contractors. Also we can avoid monopoly system in contractors which is best idea to avoid collapse of our economy. Also we are facing lack of knowledge in engineering system, students are giving least priority to choosing career in civil engineering in India which is not good to our nation, because  country development base is infrastructure.                                          

Tanmoy Ganguly, MSE, Hilti India Pvt. Ltd
Can I ask why Roads maintained by DEFENCE always stays good and Roads maintained by Corporation always remain in BAD conditions???? It is the result of lack of interest of Municipal corporation .The lack of Fund also causes the same senario. There is again one factor is the compition to get the Tender - they quote the least rate . So , what can you expect substantial materials to be used.                                   

Shroff, Director, Pransu Chemicals Pvt Ltd
can't we develop chemicals which act as a binder with tar so the tar doesnot come out from the potholes. it is avaliable in many countries the bmc should put some efforts for the same

Aslam khan, DGM, SNC Lavaline
chaina is ahead because of its uninterrupted tansport facility.                             

Sanjeev Kumar, Engineer, LNC Consultant
Contractor are working with the Aim to complete the work very quickly and not follow the specification properly. Road Desigen and technology is also responsible.                              

Soami, Head-Application Engineeirng, Eaton  Fluid Power Ltd
Corrupt idelogy and policies of politicians gives the munipal corporations free hand to indulge in corrupt activities giving oppurtunity to the corrupt road contractors to win orders and their money making desire makes them use substandard material and low end all starts with corrupt politicians becuase they have the power to stop all this                     

Lourdu Xavier, System Admin, ASAPP Media Pvt. Ltd.
Corrupt politicians induce corruption in the corporation offices. Contractors are made to find secondary means to redeem what they spend for getting the project. In turn the contractors make use of substandard materials and do not make use of the appropriate technology to complete their work to complete the projects and just get their profit without considering the lay man's issues.   

Yugandhar Kodati, Sr.Executive, Alstrong Enterprises
corruption & dishonest                         

Prabhakar Mishra, Chief Manager, Green Gas Limited
Corruption and concept of Lowest Bidding through Tenders is killing the Quality.                         

C.R.Nanda, Retired,
Corruption and lethargy has set deep in our corporators. They are not interested to get the good work done because by doing bad work  they can keep on doing it and keep swallowing money.                                   

Iype George, VP, Trident Limited
Corruption at all levels.                         

Samir, Manager, BSA Polycontainer

Omprasad, Project Manager, Soverign Developers and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.,
Corruption is a just like aids, in this society, intialy we have get treated,then it effects to future generation also. So go head against corruption give sath to Hanna Hajare to over come this hasty things.                                

Tanaji Gunjate, Project Manager, Consulting Engineering Services (I) Pvt Limited

Corruption is key parameter behind pot holes. Honest people need to incorporate in this system to reduce some extent, Indian are lacking in honesty.  


*Respondents comments are made in personal capacity and should not be taken as the view of the company they represent.

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