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Focus: Road Sector



Unedited views of the respondents are provided as under:

Golok Bihari Nando, Professor, Rubber technology center Indian Institute of technology Kharagpur
It is a combination of all the ills of the society. Let me specify. The quality of the materials used is not as per the engineering principles and the safety factors suggested  for the construction of the roads. secondly, the the contractors dio not carry on the work as per the specifications. Thirdly there is no will of the Municipal corporation to monitor the road quality and repair if damaged. Because corruption has penetrated into all levels starting from the politicians to the Municipal authorities and the contractors. Hence the money supposed to be used for the road construction is diverted elsewhere. Fourthly, the terchnology must be developed for the Indian road conditions which experience extreme climatic conditions.( Heavy rain, winter and high temperature).                            
Sarat Ku Shroff, Vice President (Civil), Lanco Infratech Limited
It is a critical issue in most of our roads. All the points are valid which may be applicable case to case. Selection of vendors for road work is aloso a cause of concern.        
Naidu, Director, I P S India
It is a nexus involving Politicians & Contracters, thus using sub-standard materials                                  

Rohinton, Chief Accountant, Jarjoor Est LLC
it is absolute nexus at the lowest level in the ward municipal office and the contractors.  the municipal corporation has too much authority to approve and pay for repairs and other works which are never done and there is no audit or checking system weather the works approved are of the correct cost or the works done are of the correct method and specifications                                 

Sanjeev B Shah, Finance Manager, Century Products
It is duty of Road Contractors to refinish all the bad roads since he has taken contract for this project. it is as good as service after sales. Our Municipal Corporation must keep some corpus amount for this allocating funds for this repairs in the Contracts. so that Road contractor also fulfill his promise.

Manoj Vaishya, Structural Consultant Designer's, League Inc.
It is mainly due to Corruption & System.

Jitendra Mishra, Senior Manager, Srei Equipment Finance Ltd
it is mutual corruption.....                                  

Apurva Gupta, General Manager-Corporate Business Development, Ahlcon RMC Pvt. Ltd
It is really very sad that the pathetic condition of the roads is due to the attitude of teh Road Contractors opnly. In the bid to bag and execute more and more jobs and in turn to accelerate their turn overs and increase their profit margins, the road contractors influence the local job awarding authorities with the help of politicians and corruption starts.
Further in order to bag these projects and to satisfy the concerned people involved, the contractors start using sub standard material and inflat their work done bills for which the common man has to bear the brunt in the form of BAD ROADS.
If we want to improve the road conditions, it is each and every individual's responsibility to ensure that that a fair and proper partice is used in the interest of common man and the country. After all it is the hard earned money of the common man which is paid in the form of taxes which is utilised to the development. It is shameful that this money instead of being spent on the development is being pocketed by the contractors, their associates in the form of the corrupt authorities and corrupt politicians.

Let us take this pledge that we will SUPPORT ANNA HAZZARE in this cause to fight corruption and make this country a beautiful and corruption free place to live.                                 

Lal Punjabi, Sectt. Of Chairman State Bank Of India
Devanshu Pandit, Professor/Consultant, CEPT Uniervsity
It is the Client, without their wish nothing can happen. The quality suffers as the corrupt engineers allow this to happen as they get cut, even some time they share Contractor's profit. Even the third party inspection agencies are also forced to accept 'work as it is', or they loose jobs. But if the Client has 'no nonsense' approach, contractors and others cant do anything.                        

Satinderkumar, Managing Director, S-Three Sales Intl. Pvt. Ltd,
It is true that the situation is becoming from bad to worse. having a house in any Posh Locality the arterial as well as the main roads are full of Pot Holes. Millions are spent ON PAPER & the money easily finds its way to Contractor/s/politicians. This is happening year after year with no RESPITE in sight.Let us start a campaign to set this RIGHT.                             

Snehal, Electrical Engineer, UDS Pvt Ltd
It mainly due to corruption as for getting government tender contractors provide bribe to the MNC employer and to the politicians then the tender approved to the contractor who provided highest bribe not on the quality contractor. Due to this contractor use cheap material while constructing road and for inspection of work there is no one from government to roll and watch as they have taken bribe. This process settles both politician and contractors account.

The only solution to this is strict law on corruption so that one would think before doing and repeating above act again and again.....                                  

Amit, Analyst, Tyco Thermal Controls India PVT Ltd
It not only one person reaponsible for such issue, none of these can make desicions on their own to issue related to road construction.
Municipal Corporation: They are not active in taking up task.
Road Contractors: They are least borther, as Govt. officials are not bother about issue then why they will. They will infact get chance to repair them and will be paid for that. Although during Concession period, they are resposible for maintain roads. But yet they never maintain it properly and get saving on maintenance costs of that road.
Technology in Use: One of the reason of pothhole is technology used. We could have used better but yet due to budget constraint we cant go with Latest Technology.
Subsandard material is linked to Road contractors and Technology used. So unless there is improvment in above two factor, we cant expect any positive from this part.
Corrupt Politicians: And main reson of budget constraint is all those corrupt politicians.... If we cant get enough allocation of funds, how we can improve things in better shape. Part of actual allocation goes to these we end up with less than actual requirement.                                    

Mohan Vidhani, Advocate, Vidhani Trade Marks Co
It seems that those responsible for maintaining the roads have completely closed their eyes and earsand not bothered about the general public.

C V Krishna Reddy, Manager, GMR Group
Abhishek Kumar Singh, Sr. Officer, Ramky Infrastructure Ltd.
It's the Municipal Corporation which decides which Contractor has to do the work, so they should be blaimed for all potholes. Yes the Contractor is also responsible for the same but still Municipal Corporation comes first in the Queue.                               

Samraj Sundar, Manager-Civil, Walchandnagar Industries Ltd.
It's very easy to say sub standard materials. But behind that all the above are equaly importand including workmanship.

Ms.Smita Kavitkar, Officer, Larsen & Toubro Limited
It’s very true, day by day road conditions are getting worse.  Tremendous traffic increase, explosion in no. of vehicle and no periodic maintenance of roads and many more reasons are for becoming life uncomfortable.  We are talking to go to moon but we are not able to go on road comfortably and safe manner.  First we have to do for this then only we should think to go moon, anyway that is also important but road conditions are  more important to common man.  Decision makers, leaders should think about for common public. There should be some policy for setting car manufacturing industry, control on vehicle manufacturing, guidelines, broad vision for road building.  They should be visionary for road buildings. Considering future needs, road designs, size, material, technology should take in consideration.  We are only seeing development on Highways but attention is required on rural / urban road development also.                         

Vijay Pawar, Director, Eco Luxuria Developers Pvt.Ltd. 
Its a result of mixed efforts of all the above people,
people themselves (we our self) are also responsible for same as we never question these people for the work quality and money spent.
if some corporator is done some road work in our area, We feel he has done a great job, but the fact is , Its our money spent for their name.
So question them ...its our right..!!!                               

Dileep Project Coordinator PVP Square
its a team failure, AND all are inter connected.                           

Chetan, Proprietor, Chetan Road Carriers,
its all in chain some way we are to laible for this system.but major is muncipal corp and corruption becouse its duty of thier to look afer all project complited and life long stronger or not etc.                          

Sanjoy Datta, Business Head -Key Accounts, Synergy Property Development Services Pvt  Ltd
Its an existing nexus of corrupt politicians, an arrangement of kickbacks with the inferior contractors to get the Tender at low prices translated to substandard materials leads to bad quality roads. Improper execution methods, lack of supervision adds to this to worsen the condition. Even if a road is built, its dug again by some other utility providers, due to lack of interdepartmental coordination. I think road construction and maintenance should be privatized.                           

Ar.Deepak Ghavri, Chief Architect, Aashray Design Consultatns,
Its not the intensity of the will power, it is entirely the absolute lack of it is responsible at all hierarchical levels.     

Pradeep Rathor, AGM, CIPL
lack of proper inspection
illitrate contractots
Water drainage problems, choosing traditional technique
using substandard material due to bribe
Always want that road should not be good all time other wise source of income and connectivity with people will come to end

Alka Singh, Manager-Legal & CS, Pennwalt Group
Lack of transparent mechanism in awarding the contract coupled with bribes and use of sub standard material has led to this situation.
The contracts should be awarded based on ICD route and with the warranty condition for a fix period.     

V Sudarshan, CFO and CS, Blue Star Infotech Ltd.
Local Self Governance initiatives have to improve in our country. As long as people do not get involved things will not happen. No law can improve things till people consider public property as their own and develop a sense of belonging to it. We have many arm chair critics but extremely few people who are trying to solve these issues. These kind of matters are also representative of our standards and values. We reap what we sow.                                 

Pradeep, Admn Head,  Premier Engineering & Building company
Main culprit is corruption in the systems. Strong Lokpall bill will curb the corruption up to certain level.                             

Sanjay Patil Manager BDH Industries Limited
Mainly because of corrupt politicians contractors pays bribes to Politicians, govt officers and to make huge profit they uses substandard materials and old technology.                                

Satish Mandole, Sr. BDM, Infomedia 18 ltd
Material are good, if quantity not use proportionally then road will pathetic, this is happened because % share in that particular contract of politician, municipal employee, contractors profit and if his intention to use bad material, roads again will be pathetic and will get again contract for next year, so lesser the life of road to get future benefits to all above.                              

Nilesh V Pathak, Civil Engineer, N V construction
most imp all rain water should drain out with immeditate effect it possible clear drain on ethier side,no water colletion shopes like small hotels shold be permitted,thirdly village.shopes,residence devolope their working areas higher & dry than road, carellees about letting water on road,fourthly pot holes should be temperorly filled up with brickbates,handbroken local materials awawliable.Thus heavey panalising to person who damages road directly/indirectly. THANKYOU for taking our openinon we would be thankfull if any of my actitvty beeing followed and implemented.                          

Pritam Sen Gupta, Manager, Birla Corporation Ltd
Most of the politicians who are demanding themselves great social workers of our society. With the help of this great word 'Social Work' they are involved with all the illigal and unethical activities. They are like the head of the family. In a family all the family members are motivated and inspired by the head of the family. Similarly in a society all the people of the society are motivated and inspired by the great people of our society. Unfortunately in our society all the politicians are considered as the  great people and the corrupted charecter of most of them motivated and inspired the rest of the people of our society.                           

Gopi Suri Babu, Executive Director, Pentair Water India Private Limited
Muncipal Corporation needs to work like a Company, which has some deliverables to make sure they are good at what they are supposed to be doing, they live their expectations, improve the quality of their work, ensure the contractors do good job, then they maintain the condition of the roads, frequent check and repairs to the potholes. Currently there is no deliverables and ownership on Muncipal Corporations, they feel like, they are doing a charity hence no deliverables, they need to understand they are run by the People's money and they should understnad the importance of the money, responsibility to Citizens and ownership to their deliverables with sense of respect to society                               

Khatib Abdul Wahab, Trainee engg, Ackruti City limited.
Muncipal corporation-Because Muncipal corporation is not made payment to the contractor properly and with sufficient intervals. Thats why contractors not make there work properly and with Quality. Also the corporations Engineers not inspect the work properly and day to day,thats why contractor maintain there low quality of work.
It is essential to the corporations Engineer to care about all the road works and regularly.                        

Devendra Golatkar, AGM-Contracts, Prozone Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
Municipal Corporation is mainly responsible because it is the authority who awards the work to contrator. There should have strong clauses for contractor's performance.                             

Nayan N. Diwadkar, Manager - R&D, PRS Permacel Pvt. Ltd.
Municipal Corporation is principally responsible for making good roads using standard material. However as commission has to be given by road contractors to corrupt politicians  the contractor uses substandard materials for construction of roads.                                    

Ajay Kuamr Shaw, Kolkata Groups Facility & Services 
Municipal Corporation is the main culprits for the condition of Indian Roads because they are the main organization who can control all the situation if they want.                               

Zakir Husain Shaikh, Managing Director, U R Construction
Municipal corporation should appoint a PMC if they can't managed the multiple projects. And they should increase the liability period of contractor's work.and the work should be complete honestly and timely.

Sharif,  CEO,  Integral PR 
Municipal corporations determine road contractors, make them accountable and also decide on technology. It is they who decide whether or not to be corrupt.                              

Tariq Siddiqui, DGM, SPML
Municipalities must be made responsible for any casualties due to accident on broken roads and they should pay the compensation to aggrieved families.                             

R.Saravanan, Civil Engg, Osco
my law is corruption so straightly followed law and order                                   

R.T.Kendre, MD, RTK Engg CO.
My Opinion is Only Corrupt Politicians are responsible for that.                          

Vishwanath Singh, Construction Engineer, TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd
Need skill supervision with honesty                               

Narendran.S, Project Manager, Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd.
Needs Clarity at all Levels so as Monitoring of Road construction can be done by the User.RTI has to be effectively used not onely in this but needs to be used in all Govt Projects so to prevent siphoning of public funds and usage in full.

Mr. Hrishikesh Mitra, Consultant, ICT Pvt. Ltd.
No individual can be blamed for this deteriorating condition of the road.Only Contractors cannot be blamed for bad workmanship because all works must be supervised by Engineers.Again If Politicians are serious about improving the condition of the road then it will improve remarkably.So I like to blame all.                                   

Shailesh Karnik, Director, Electro plasma equipments pvt ltd
No one alone can change the situation.Politicians, gov. officers force contractors to do substandard work to take out money from contractor.
The worst part is that there is no accountability of work done in any gov. office.In private industry if you do not perform you are thrown out within no time but in gov. sector you can retire from the department without doing any work.Every gov. department should work as independent unit and every unit should be audited every six month by external agency which is autonomus body, then only some improvement will be seen.                              

Srikanth, Prop,  Corporate Bounteez
No one can be responsible for these problems

Amit E. Zagade, Civil Engineer, Struc-Con Group
Not only all of above as well as we peoples are equally responsible for it.                                  

Prashant Shah, CEO, The Flag Shop
NOT ONLY POTHOLES EVEN BUMPS. TAKE HEAVY PENALTY FROM CONTRACTOR. they should make the road without bumps & potholes.                               

Ananthahasan, Design Engg, Hochtief India Pvt
not only also include poor workmanship, good material poorly used etc...                        

Naresh Vemula, Marketing Officer, Ultratech Cement
Now a days corruption is became a very comman in all most all the places.

We have  excellent systems and  principles in every feild. but we are unable to follow them till the goal reached, Because of the  currepted politicians and  unfaith mind sets the peapl

e. Among all  the bove options, we have advanced  technology,adequate budget and manpower, the only problem with fifth option. untill we stop  correption  we have to face the same.                              

D.B.Pawar, Project Engineer, Gini const pvt. ltd
now a days everybody is in hurry to rich as fast as possible and most of us are trying to get money by shortest route and this is why so.                                

Jaison, Sr Manager, OCI corp
Once job done should have warranty life and if there is potholes and reported money should be deducted from the contract value for which some some earnest money should be kept in hold till the warranty period with the goverment body                                  

EP Suresh Menon, Marketing Manager, Damodar Bolts and Nuts
Only corrupt free officials from the municipal authorities can develop high performance roads. They should adopt to latest technology and should use only standard materials
so that the life of the road will last longer and will never pose a threat to motorists.                                 

Radhakishan T. Kendre, Proprietor, RTK Engg Co.
Only Politicians are responsible for that.                                    

Barun Ghosh, Manager, EVA & Company
Only problem that Lowest rate . Corporation knows very well that the rate quoted by the contractor. They are not  able to supply good quality of materials. Lowest rate is govt condition                          

Tushar, Manager, SPAR
only the matter is, corruption . being a contractor you need to pay 15% commission from 18% profit to politicians, then how could the roads be up to mark.                                     

S. Ramaraj, Sr General Manager- Administration, Madras Cements Ltd.
Our City roads are designed to take the required loadby way of traffic.
Always we should plan for the future and not to address the present problem, when roads are planned it should consider the deevelopment that will take place in atleast another 10 years down the track and accordingly the road constructions to be planned.
Cities are growing at the rate better than our economic growth.
When repairs or nenovation is planned all the concerned departments as mentioned above should join together for their individual needs, so that repeataion or redigging after the road is formed can be avoided.                                  

Arun Kr Attri, ASM, Pakka Steel
Our corrupt politician give shelter to contractors to do such working

Subhabrata Dutta, Manager, L & T ECC division
Our system is like that from the beiging of panning, appproval, sanctioning to execution and commissioning & handing over is all driven by political objective /agenda. Hence we our primary objective of deliver the best product is deviated due to corrupt system. The recent ardent example is CWG, the plan of organising the game was though got govt approval well in advance but due to systmatic delay in execution by some few key stake holders e.g. organising commitee, government bodies, contractors etc. purposely wasted time and at last moment what happened we all knew about it. Till date some of vanues are either incomplete or inoperational due substandard quality of of works.                                 

Jai Bakshio, GM - HR, VIL
Our system is totally corrupt,   no body can work honestly.   We can not blame one person but top to bottom are corrupt.                                    

Nilesh K Suthar, Dy. Vice President-Procurement, Lodha Group





*Respondents comments are made in personal capacity and should not be taken as the view of the company they represent.

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